Shake Shake Shake

It seems that Ray is planning for an end of December move – all of his own accord!

Of course, that means I am still priveleged to another 10 -ish weeks of gems like these:

Ray: H-h-h-hey Jen?
Me: What’s up Ray?
Ray: Are you Earthquake Ready?
Me: Uh? No. I don’t tend to think about it that much, why?
Ray: We’re in for the “big one” you know! Things are happening! I was listening to this guy on the news – he speaks the truth! Well, he’s fear-mongering a bit, but he’s fear-mongering from a place of truth! You need water for 3 days….
Me: (has stopped listening at this point, and am thinking about what a great blog entry thig is going to make)

I think I might actually miss him a little. He’ll make a great FOX News reporter someday!

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