RHS #12 – Do Your Homework & Pony Up

5 thoughts on “RHS #12 – Do Your Homework & Pony Up”

  1. As for the humor thing, I’m pretty comfortable with most kinds of restaurants. As for the guy cracking jokes about which fork to use, etc, etc..at least he can try and make a fool out of himself. I dunno, if a girl did that to me, I wouldn’t be offended. But since he asked you out to the restaurant, he’s *supposed* to know how to act appropriately. Hehe…I’m never taking you to a fancy dinner. However, I’ll make your toes curl and make you dinner to boot!

  2. You know, I’ve always got something to say about your RHS’s. Or a few things, as in this case.

    For someone like me, choosing the correct restaurant is easier said than done. I’ve got no time for food. It’s never been an interest of mine, and I’m generally frustrated by my body’s nutritional requirements. I actively disdain food and (especially) wine snobbery. Whenever I can, I always let other people pick the restaurant, because they’re inevitably more invested in the result than I am.

    However, when faced with the early date scenario, I deal with my limitations in two ways:

    * Dine as a last resort. There are plenty of other things to do on dates. Eventually, though, a guy has to choose a restaurant.

    * Ignore food quality, price and trendiness, and focus on character. Defy convention. There are tons of restaurants, but few in each price category that are genuinely cool spaces. That is, don’t take her to the Yaletown Brew Pub, take her to Rodney’s Oyster Bar (I can’t think of another, ritzier example, but that only highlights my ignorance). It’s riskier, certainly, but I prefer to be like Apple, and, you know, Think Different.

  3. See Darren, that’s exactly my point! If you don’t care about food, suggest something other than dinner. Or do pick the cool place if that’s what floats your boat. The key is to do something within your comfort zone so that you can let your true self shine instead of being weird.

  4. One thing I’ve been surprised to learn in my adult life is that most adults find event planning really intimidating. I generally mean parties, etc (this is why people are so consumed by their weddings), but perhaps it extends to dates.

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