And lo, I have dubbed today “Emo Friday.”

I am in a mood thanks to my ladyparts, and it’s grey outside, and it’s chilly, and the leaves are falling off the trees, and I saw a very good but very sobering movie last night (Lord of War), and can you think of anything better to do today than listen to sad, sad songs and drink tea and eat Ben & Jerrys’ Half-Baked straight out of the carton and bemoan the state of everything?

Ok yes I know there are loads of better things to do than that. But I don’t wanna do them.

Instead I will give you my depressing, emo version of the Friday Random Ten (for the dark and emo music is all that’s in my mp3 player today):

1. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
2. Tiny Vessels – Death Cab for Cutie
3. Coalmine – Armchair Cynics
4. Only – Nine Inch Nails
5. Be Here To Love Me Tonight – Norah Jones
6. I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab for Cutie
7. Surprise Ending – Armchair Cynics
8. All The Love In the World – Nine Inch Nails
9. Drugs or Me – Jimmy Eat World
10. Everlong – Foo Fighters

Now it’s your turn? What do you do when you’re down – not to make yourself feel better, but to really revel in your misery before you’re good and ready to get over it?

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5 thoughts on “T.G.I.E.F

  1. `jen

    i spent 4.5 hours in a movie theatre yesterday afternoon/evening.

    it didn’t even matter how crappy the movies were. just being alone in the dark was nice.

  2. bree

    A long hot bubble bath with candles, a cigarette or light cigar (I don’t smoke, but it’s somehow good in the bath) and a glass of red wine with the bottle nearby.

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