Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last decent meal, and I have ingested the following chemical compounds in place of real food:

-Sapporo Ichiban, chicken flavour
-Pillsbury Pizza Pops, bacon & pepperoni flavour
-Microwave Burritos, bean & cheese flavour
-Kraft Dinner
-Pub food in many varieies, more commonly known as “deep fried anything”
-McDonald’s McDeals for every day of the week (with the exception of Fridays, because Fillet of Fish? Ew.)
-Pints upon Pints of Popcorn and Beer. Fine on their own, but not wisely considered “dinner”
-Powerbars. Because compared to the rest of this list, they seem healthy!

Of course, it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve managed to balance this out with um.. Fruit leathers and Caesar Salad (extra parmesan and croutons!). And I did have a lemon wedge in my iced tea the other day! And aren’t those kids’ breakfast cereals I’ve been eating fortified with a billion vitamins and minerals these days?

Ok, so it has been all bad.

For penance, I’ll recite “Cherry Garcia does not count as a serving of fruit even though it has cherries in it” 25 times, and try to eat better from here on in.


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