With Friends Like This…

…I could probably be convinced to stay single forever.

Todd says: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9536593
Todd says: that is how i will get you to play video games
peechie says: baahhhahaha
Todd says: i can see it now
Todd says: “want to do something”
“nah. i’m plaAAAAAying battlefield 2”
peechie says: haha
Todd says: not that you will be any good. you will just call artillery strikes down on yourself all day
peechie says: i’d rather just fork out the cash for the hitachi magic wand.
Todd says: hehe
peechie says: it plugs into the wall
peechie says: and emits enough force to disturb other electronics in the house.
Todd says: wow
Todd says: and for some reason you still feel you need a man
peechie says: vibrators can not open jars.
Todd says: jar openers can
peechie says: and they don’t spoon so well either.
Todd says: you just need a bigger vibrator

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