Imagery: Redux

Remember a while back when I asked readers to comment regarding images they thought of when they saw the word “Indepencence”?

I was fishing for ideas that struck me as unique, useful, or interesting for a tattoo. I’ve been specifically trying to think about something that would go with a Lion image, or any of the representations of the Leo zodiac sign.

It’s always amazed me how strongly I represent the personality traits that allegedly come along with being a leo, and I’ve always admired these qualities about myself: passion, drive, independence, loyalty, and a strong drive to care for and about others.

And I wanted to ink that somewhere. I believe I’ve come to the conclusion that it’ll end up on my shoulderblade – since the lower back is just out.

And, despite not getting any feedback on that particular post that I ended up using, I’ve finally figured out what I want! No you don’t get to know what it is yet!

What I need now are recommendations for artists. I know the urge will be strong for the decorated out there to say “so and so did mine and s/he is great but disappeared off the face of the earth!” – and while I’m happy you have good looking art, that does me NO GOOD. So try to at least say something useful about prep or aftercare if you don’t have any relevant artist recommendations. Thanks.

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7 thoughts on “Imagery: Redux

  1. Mark

    Shawn Hedley who, at the time, was at Sacred Heart on W 10th did mine, my rother’s, my friend Robi’s tramp stamp, and my “sister” claire’s half-sleeve of buddhist stuff/icons. Very well done and I’d recommend him. In fact, if you call around and can find him, I may pop in to see him for some touch-up on mine while I’m home next week. I’ll call Claire and see if she knows where he is now, she was back in Vancouver recently.

  2. April

    My advice to you is to make sure you DO NOT get your tattoo wet. I can’t stress that enough. I have three tats and the thing I found most useful was those ClearBlock bandaids. They work really well for keeping the tattoo dry. Just be careful when you pull the bandaid back off to make sure you don’t rip off the scab. I used to put them on just before I jumped in the shower and they never got wet. I find the plain brown fabric bandaids don’t work at all. ClearBlock is the way to go.

  3. April

    One more piece of advice: Don’t put polysporin on your tat. Its got something in it that reacts with the ink. My guy gave me something called Tattoo Goo and it worked really well. I found my tattoos healed really fast. Ask your tattoo guy about it. He may even carry it in his shop. Hope I’m of some help.

  4. peechie Post author

    Mark: if I find an artist I like and can get the design done in time, mebbe you can hold my hand while I get it done :p

    April: thanks for those! I’ll definitely keep that stuff in mind.

  5. gillian

    I got my tattoo at Sacred Heart too, back in 1999.

    Also coincidentally, it’s a heraldic lion on my left shoulderblade. Let’s be twins! Or not.

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