A wee tidbit about me that some of you may not know: When I feel cranky, I shop. I’ve always had magpie eyes, and few things bring a glimmer of joy to my heart like something shiny and new. This is the part where, if I were a popular blogger, some troll would psychobabble me into a corner talking about how I’m a bad person because I fill voids with material things. Sometimes it’s better not being the popular kid.

But I digress…

I had a particularly bad dose of the nasties today when I woke up. They didn’t disappear with time or caffine, so after a few hours I popped out for coffee and to buy a particular pair of sunglasses I’d been lusting after for much of the summer. Of course, the sunglasses were not at the Sunglass Hut. And nothing else but that particular pair would do. So I left empty handed. My Visa thanks me.

Except maybe not…

Because now I’m thinking that those sunglasses were about $200, which is 2/3 of the cost of an iPod nano. Which makes me droooooooooool. And since winter’s coming, where I won’t really need the sunglasses as much – and the pair I do have is at least functional – maybe the nano is a wise investment? I mean really, saving myself that $200 by not buying sunglasses means the nano is a bargain at around $100 (after I buy accessories, pay taxes, etc…).

Except that $200 isn’t really money I’m “saving” – it’s money I should be saving, for things like fixing that thing that’s wrong with my car, or moving in the spring, or paying off the bill for the hockey tickets I just bought, or if I must buy some sort of gadget, replacing my aging and dying monitor is probably a better use of my dollars.

But the sweet siren song of the nano, she is strong… I am weak… help!

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5 thoughts on “Shopaholic

  1. col

    if only you were raised by frugal chinese parents (ie. mine). you would feel too much guilt and worry about spending money! especially with that list of other things you that you’re saving for 😉

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