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It’s good to be excited (rather than annoyed) by hockey again.

In addition to attending some of the games, I wanted to put feelers out there for who may be interested in making my place a Pay Per View game destination.

My TV is a modest 27″ but I do have digital cable, a pretty accessible apartment (being at the vortex of most major transportation routes through the Lower Mainland), and a goodly amount of space to put people on the couch, chairs, and floor. And it’s a heckuva lot cheaper than spending 3 hours at your local watering hole, with a much cleaner bathroom.

I figure it’ll work something like this: I order the game, you provide your own drinkables, and something snacky to share. We eat, drink, and make merry cheering on the ‘Nucks. Of course you’re free to cheer for the opponents, but the rest of the group may throw food at you from time to time.

The season’s PPV schedule is here. Game schedule offering is at my discretion (I’d like to watch all of them, but I do have something of a life), and I reserve the right to cancel showings due to lack of interest. Of course if I’m at the game, you’re SOL unless you make friends with my roommate and want to watch with him.

If nobody is interested, I’ll just sulk in the corner because I have no friends who wanna hang out with me, and then I’ll pick myself up off the floor and move on. But if you are interested, please leave a comment stating as much. I’ll send out the evites about a week before each game I’m available to show and move on from there. And if this becomes the social event of the season, eventually some cash to contribute to the cable bill, or some beer to drink while I open the cable bill, would be appreciated.

First PPV game is pre-season vs. Edmonton on October 1st at 7:00pm.

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5 thoughts on “PPV Poll

  1. Todd

    Todd says:
    i could make an appearance, provided they are games that have teams that i love and/or hate
    peechie says:
    then comment and say that, dork


  2. Spoonman

    That’s a great idea. I’d love to get something like that going in Edmonton, but I’m never sure when I’m in the city. If I was in Vancouver, I’d be over wearing all my fine Oiler sportswear, including the giant foam hand with the index finger extended which hints at Edmonton being “No. 1”! It’s also good for pointing at things.

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