Concert Buddy?

7 thoughts on “Concert Buddy?”

  1. Holy shit you buy expensive concert tickets. Now I feel better about never ever seeing any live cultural events. I think I’ll stay home and invite friends over to have cultural events in my living room.

  2. The Monday Death Cab concert is now sold out. Tuesday tickets were still available a week ago.

    I’m going to both Death Cab shows (I’m kind of ridiculously obsessed with that band, and how), so if you can’t find any cool people to go with, you can hang out with me and my crew.

  3. Sue: such is the price of entertainment these days. I really don’t mind paying it (I think of it as compensation for stealing their music), but what REALLY burns my ass is that each of those includes an average $12 in ticketbastard “convenience charges.”

  4. I totally want to go to the NIN show with you, but unfortunately Retrograde is in Kamloops/Kelowna that weekend before, and I had to use all my vacation time up to be able to attend…dammit..

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