Book Worms?

3 thoughts on “Book Worms?”

  1. Make it look professional. Photocopy it a few dozen times. Go to the library and look for the book publishing reference book, a 1000+ page directory of categorized publishers and addresses, check if they allow unsolicited submissions, mail (usually with a SASE). Repeat until you get a reply. And don’t take rejections personally. You’ll have a success rate of (if you’re lucky) about 1%.

    Or, self publish. Start a website about your story. I hear it’s all the rage… or something.

  2. Looks like Brad has it covered. As someone who’s dabbled in screenwriting, let me tell you that rejection is just part of the business. It’s absolutely not personal, it’s just that companies receive thousands of submissions and can’t read them all. You’re going to have to be a salesperson! And submit to LOTS of publishers…don’t just pick one or two.

    I have a book or two on how to “pitch”, if you’re interested.

    And, of course, good luck 🙂 People who know you, believe in you…too many great ideas die in the dark because we’re afraid to share them. Don’t let yours!

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