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  1. When I was in the L.A. riots, there were people shooting at firemen. Every firetruck had a police car that would protect it as it went about putting out fires, and they wouldn’t respond to fires in unsecured areas.

    Humans can be such shits at times.


  2. Yes and no… we’re a bit different here as there are no interstates to bring supplies in, it all had to come in by air, and that had to wait until the airport was serviceable. One end of the runway was under water, so some people smashed down the chain link fence and drove over it and across the runway and then did the same on the other side, so the airport was not “secure” and that put us afoul of a bunch of US Homeland Security laws. The other thing was that there were 2 UK warships following the storm and were here within 24 hours.

    The other difference is that at one of the supermarkets here that opened and people were queueing orderly-like to get a bag of relief supplies, one guy decided to cut the line, and one of the British Marines had his pistol in the guy’s face within seconds. Word spread fast and people calmed down fast and that was pretty much the last we heard of anything resembling “unrest”. Sure there were people looting in the condos along the beach, but they were “looting” for food & water. The “bands of machete-armed men wandering the streets” that nearly gave my mom a heart attack were people that were chipping in to try and clear some of the downed trees and stuff that were blocking the roads. I was one of em.

    What pissed me off the most was a couple days later when evac flights were in full swing, there were guys in line to get on the Air Jamaica planes in brand-new shoes, clothes with tags still on them and completely blinged out.

    I think the issue with shooting at firemen is the “if he’s in a uniform of any kind, then he’s an instrument of THE MAN.” The poor and downtrodden tend to not get the same respect as others might, and they get a sense of “It’s payback time now, bitch!” when catastrophes like this happen.

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