54-40 T-Shirt

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At the Spelunking Club, there are a number of private events that take place.

Last night there was a “win to get in” concert and wine tasting sponsored by one of the local radio stations, and 54-40 were the feature entertainment.

Of course, I didn’t win to get in – but one of the perks of working at the Spelunking Club is that I have keys that get me nearly everywhere – including the “green room.”

Thanks for signing the t-shirt guys! And the new album (Yes to Everything) sounds pretty darned good!

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4 thoughts on “Perk

  1. Sue

    Incidentally they were flying out of the gate next to ours at YVR on Thursday morning, but I was too chickenshit to go over and say hi and ask if they’d enjoyed the Spelunking Club.

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