Wedding Bells

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  1. Hi Jen – go with your instincts and fly solo! You never know who will be there… by the way, love the new site (well, not so new but sorry to say new to me!.. been busy..) Regards Phil

  2. I think that you should send the card back with the +1 and if aren’t with someone by the time the wedding rolls around, take one of your good friends. You’re bound to have a good time no matter what. But then again what do I know because i’m blissfully in looooooooooove and never go anywhere alone…tee hee

  3. *sigh*

    We’re having the same dilemma, with the same wedding rsvp… Except I already sent mine in with the +1 — Hell, I’m not going to my brother’s wedding without a date. Although, Vern will be there to harass, too. Hmmm. I might call and get them to remove my date add-on, afterall.

  4. i would invite me, cause i’m fabulous at weddings. i chat with everyone and i don’t drink and make of a fool of myself. that’s the best part 😉

  5. i say, bring me.

    seriously though, as cliche as it sounds, its somewhat empowering to go to these things alone. you come out feeling proud, it’s like, hey, look at me, i’m not afraid of being alone! i can manage fine without a human crutch by my side!

  6. I say if there’s nobody in the picture right now, don’t put in the 1+ because then, the minute you meet someone the slightest bit interesting, you’re going to be thinking in your head, “is this a potential wedding date?” and that will create all kinds of weirdness and false pressures on what could otherwise turn out to be a good relationship or at least fling. Whoa, was that ALL one sentence there? Anyways, save yourself the agony of looking for wedding date for the next month, and just go sans date. Save the lovely couple some money.

  7. Whatever you decide to do, please ensure that the betrothed know in advance exactly how many are coming, as they may have to pay for your +1 even if he´s not coming.

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