Starting tomorrow, I’ll be off for 2.5 weeks, housesitting for dearheart and her fiancee while they zip halfway around the world so she can suck up to her future mother-in-law (kidding! I’m sure there’s no sucking up necessary!).

Although I won’t be far from home, I don’t plan on returning to my apartment to replenish supplies after I leave for work tomorrow morning until sometime Saturday afternoon.

Do you think I’ve packed yet? HAH. Of course not.

I have high hopes of getting to sleep at a decent hour for once, and packing in the morning.

Instead I’ll probably go to bed way too late, sleep in later than I want to, and throw stuff together haphazardly, hoping I didn’t forget my toothbrush or clean underwear.

This is how I keep life exciting people. But don’t try this at home – I’m what you’d call a professional.

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One thought on “Procrastinatrix

  1. dearheart

    Thanks soooo much, peechie girl! Love you! 🙂

    Just help yourself to anything in the house, feel free to look around to find stuff. Just don’t wear my panties – besides not fitting into them, that’s just gross! *LOL* 😉

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