Fashion Police

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  1. funny you should mention that, with my new job…i’ve been slowly phasing out my pleated pants with *new* and *exciting* mexx dress pants! 🙂

  2. When this topic first came up, I was prepared to disagree with you, as the M-man has a couple pairs of “dressier” pants that have pleats (like the ones shown above) and looks great in them. Now that you’ve clarified your position, I see that we are both correct – I agree with everything you’ve said above. The M-man is, in fact, slim enough to wear them and does know how to work an iron.

  3. Sadly, most flat front pants have significantly less room in the thighs than ones with pleats. As a result, here’s the issue confronting men with muscular thighs:

    Which is more unflattering: pleats, or pants that stretch so tight you can tell how many keys are on my keyring?

  4. Mike: In that instance, I would say get thee to a haberdashery. Preferably one with a good tailor.

    You may be a pleats kinda guy after all, but I strongly suspect that you may just be buying ill-fitting pants. And if your thighs are really that big, you can always buy a size larger, and get the waist taken in a smidge for a more flattering fit.

  5. Just stumbled on this randomly.

    Here’s the thing – for a guy who isn’t real thin around the middle, don’t flat fronts accentuate the extra weight? Everyone says that pleats are awful, but I feel like that wide space in front from flat front pants actually accentuates your weight?

  6. Thank you! Been trying to convince my fiance to nix the pleated suit pants and baggy jeans. Eck! Finally have some back-up!

  7. Has anyone tried to find flat front pants lately? Impossible! Everywhere pleated! Wait…here’s one…pleated…DAMMIT! And finding pants for normally proportioned men is no picnic either. Everthing is cut for fat guys. Try to find a 34-34. Plenty of 44-34, jeez. Wait… here’s one…pleated…DAMMIT!

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