The Apathy has Taken Over Me

6 thoughts on “The Apathy has Taken Over Me”

  1. Every problem has two solutions: the easy one, and the right one. Decide what is best for you, and those who appreciate your sheer awesomeness will support you throughout.

  2. Clarity is such a fabulous thing, isn’t it? You’re a wonderful person and I’m glad you know it! Like I’ve always said: whatever feels right probably is, and no beating yourself up if it doesn’t. 🙂

    Call me sometime soon, k? I have ten million times more free time than you do, so it’s best if you do the calling, but yeah.. I wanna chat! I would also settle for your MSN info. 🙂

  3. Way to grow a pair. Can I borrow them? I had to surrender mine on my way into “Must Love Dogs” this afternoon.

    I shall alert the boys. Sadly, as is always the case, all the single men I know are losers.

  4. I hate it when you have to be the one to put your foot down, and let the other person know what you both obviously feel in your heart.

    That’s the hard part, but, it is also easier to move ahead when you own your own decision.

    Good for you, girl. You’ll become emotionally available for someone else who will come along sooner than you think.

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