It All Comes Back to (l)U(be)

Snippets of conversations* from the past few days:

“Whoever invented pizza dips deserves a prize”
“Totally. They deserve a blowjob.”
“Or some really good face – really any oral sex at all”
“For sure. With a finger up the ass”
“With Extra lube.”
“Apparently I like it when you do that thing you do. My sheets, however, are probably not as pleased”
“Stupid car. Squeals when it’s going, squeals when it’s stopping.”
“It obviously needs to be greased up a little”
“Yah – bring on the lubrication!”
“Cars are like fisting.”
“Yes – when you think you’ve finally got enough lubrication, add some more”

*While I will fully admit my presence, I can neither confirm nor deny my participation in any of these exchanges.

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