Release the Hounds

I am not the most well endowed girl in the world. In fact, I am a card-carrying memeber of the IBTC. It used to bother me. A lot.

Thankfully, growing up has also come with a healthy dose of body confidence. I now don’t give a damn about my breasts, or lack thereof. And thanks to miracles of science like the wonder-bra, I can still play in the big-leagues if I wanna.

In fact, on days like today, I am EXTRAORDINARILY GLAD that they’re proud, perky A cups. Because in this ridiculous heat, I can wear a racer-back v-necked shirt with NO BRA and not look completely indecent. In fact, I don’t look the least bit indecent at all. I look kindof like an 8-year-old boy from the waist up. And I’m not sweltering under an extra layer of fabric.

I think if you get close enough to my chest, you can even hear my boobs shouting…. ‘FREEEEEEEEEDOM!”

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5 thoughts on “Release the Hounds

  1. grant

    Small breasts are great!

    1) save big $$ on bras
    2) your boy’s sauve moves aren’t disrupted fumbling with hooks
    3) No fear of saggage in old age
    4) there often seems to be a correlation between breast & ass size….

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