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I’m really not feeling well at all these days. Obviously because I haven’t been taking care of myself in the least. My body feels like I’ve been kicked in the junk 95% of the time. My anxiety is back, and I’ve resorted to medication that makes me feel horrible, but in a whole different way – and at least I can sleep when I take it. But I’d really rather not. It’s time to jump back on the bandwagon and be good to me.

Ended up talking with one of the spelunking students last night well into the evening. We’re both in the same field, and did the same program at the same university (though a few years apart). We geeked out over our jobs, and yakked about profs and friends that we have in common. It felt good to be around someone who’s still so excited about the job and the field – I need to find more people like that. I need to bring more people with passions I share into my life.

I think a lot about applying to go to grad school these days. The idea scares the hell out of me. Can I go back to living like a student? Will it amount to anything? Am I even smart enough to get in and go there? I don’t think I have nearly the confidence in myself that the rest of the world does. I used to. Where did it go?

I want to do something extraordinary. I feel like I’ve been coasting for too long.

Thanks for the idea Tony. Time’s up.

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One thought on “Free-Form

  1. Sue

    I totally hear you about wanting to do something extraordinary. It seems like life could quite easily slip right by us unnoticed if we stay in our routines and don’t do something to mark the days, months, years. Summer days are even worse for that, because you feel like every day SHOULD be filled with the Mentos-commercial moments, but they’re not.

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