The One About the Guy

Ok, so here’s the dirt.

I’ve been seeing a guy for a couple months. We met on Lavalife at the end of May, and met in person in early June. We hit it off pretty well from the get-go. And the whole experience has reminded me that even more than car shopping, I LOATHE the “figuring stuff out” phase of a new “relationship.”

I was talking to him the other day, and mentioned that I’m getting requests to blog about what the heck is going on between us. Which was a challenge. Because as I saw it, the entry was pretty short so far:

I met this guy. He’s pretty cute. We hang out, the sex is great. I have no idea where things are going, if anywhere.

Subtlety isn’t one of my stronger points.

Without getting into the personal details, things have pretty much been figured out – and while we haven’t officially adopted the “girlfriend/boyfriend” labels yet, it is an exclusive thing and I’ve given up correcting people when they refer to him as my boyfriend.

For the curious, here’s what you get to know: His name is Mike (generic enough that he doesn’t exactly need a pseudonym), he’s 32, he’s an engineer, he has the ability to make my toes curl in a way I’d forgotten they could. He’s funny, and a goofball. He’s nearly as adorable as I am.

So of course, I’m now recruiting a posse who will do what’s necessary if he ends up breaking my heart. Friends will help you move; real friends will help you move bodies.

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2 thoughts on “The One About the Guy

  1. Sue

    Did I mention I have photoshop and I know how to use it?

    Mike is the second-luckiest guy in the world. (Artos is the luckiest, but I may be biased here).

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