Quick note to say I just… just got in from the monthly Vancouver Webloggers Meetup. And I couldn’t wait to blog about it. How sad is that. But I digress…

It was really great to catch up with Jamie and get to know him a bit better, as well as finally meet Matt. And engage in some fabulous conversation with a few other people whose names and/or URLs I can’t think of off the top of my head (though I’m sure Darren’s ubiqitous meetup-attendee list will jog my addled memory once he publishes the contents).

Between that, and some quality (though a bit short in quantity – but isn’t it always) time with some good friends over the past few days, I’ve been reminded (as I sometimes need to be) that I’m actually totally capable of being a charming, witty conversationalist, and very good company – and I quite enjoy it. Unfortunately I don’t get to be that best version of me as much as I’d like to these days.

At work I’m either Superior, Subordinate or Gatekeeper to most people I encounter. Things with the guy are not flowing as smoothly as they could (a whole other post – it’s coming, I promise!). Other than that, I’ve needed a lot of alone time to keep my sanity – and while I talk to myself quite a bit, it’s just not the same.

So, note to self: not all time is created equal. Aim for the quality stuff, and the rest of life will seem much rosier.

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