Ridiculously High Standard #7

8 thoughts on “Ridiculously High Standard #7”

  1. I hear you. In a related category, I seem to be caught in the “not good enough” dating pattern. Every single guy I’ve dated seriously has gone on to marry the VERY next girlfriend. Does loads for my self-esteem, lemme tell you.

  2. Maybe it might be time to stop dating guys that need fixing up so badly? The point is, if you keep looking at changing whoever you’re with to fit your standards, then you’ll be forever destined to be a Turnaround Girl. Successful relationships involve appreciating the good and accepting the not so good in each other. There are a lot of guys out there that have plenty of the good qualities that are important if a few of the bad ones (that are maybe not so important and makes them easily dismissable from dating consideration) are overlooked.

  3. Darren: They really are fixer-upper boys. If this were a flipping game in real-estate, I’d be a millionaire!

    Jason: My problem is that thus far I’ve been far too willing to overlook far too much. The past little while though, I’ve been much pickier in what I’ll overlook and what I won’t. It seems to be working so far.

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