Oh Canada! I do!

It’s official. We Rock.

The house of commons voted 158-133 to support same-sex marriage, making Canada the 3rd country in the world to make the unions legal at a federal level.

And as much of a chump as I think Paul Martin can be, his quote on the issue sums up exactly how I feel about same-sex marriage, and really Canada in general.

The “vote is about the Charter of Rights,” said Martin. “We’re a nation of minorities and in a nation of minorities you don’t cherry-pick rights.”

And now that the gay marriage issue is taken care of, can we please work on that whole lack of TiVo thing?

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2 thoughts on “Oh Canada! I do!

  1. kelly

    heh, i used the exact same quote in my entry on this.

    and yes! enough of this “pesonalTV” thing rogers is pushing. i want tivo!

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