Marquee Phone

This one’s for mikey. Happy Marquee Monday!

My cell phone contract isn’t up until October-ish… but I’m hoping to convince the fine folks at Telus Mobility to let me renew it a little early, because methinks it’s time for a new phone.

A CAMERAPHONE. So I can take pictures like this. And this. And phallic cinnamon twists, which I’d totally have a picture of for you if I had a cameraphone!

I think I’ve narrowed it down to two choices – but I really have no experience with either brand (being a motorola/samsung girl thus far). My absolute requirements for any phone are to have a display on the front, so I don’t have to open it to see who’s calling (it’s the little things), as well as being some sort of flip phone so I don’t start phoning people from my pocket or purse. So, some advice would be appreciated. Your choices are:

The LG 6190 with fastap keyboard (handy for the texting)

The Audiovox 8920T with no fastap, but 1 more whole megapixel on the camera.

Any reccomendations?

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3 thoughts on “Marquee Phone

  1. Sue

    Oh god, how do I stop the marqueeing? It’s making me nauseous.

    I think another trip to Cinnzao is in order. Cuz I want to get the cinnamon twist this time. *grin*

  2. cam

    whatever phone you get, ensure you can get the pictures from it with a cheap cable, or via bluetooth. I found out too late the the model I have (Nok3200) requires an expensive cable or paying Rogers a per-use-fee. Entirely asstastic, IMHO.

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