Fast Times

Shopping last night was a fantastic time. Sue and I conqurerd Richmond Centre and both came away with some great finds. I managed to spend more on a cheese knife, than a pair of jeans. To be fair, the jeans were on sale at Old Navy, and the knife is FANTASTIC. I obviously have my priorities straight. Then I meandered home, had a beer, and went to bed.

Woke up, went to check my email… and…. nothing. No internet connection.

Reboot the computer… nothing.

Power-cycle the modem and router… nothing.

ipconfig /release /renew… nothing.

Call Shaw to hear “oh, this is bad. Your modem must be fried, because it.. uh… doesn’t exist.”

Forego plans for pyjammas, coffee, french toast and bacon to trek down to the Shaw store to swap out the busted modem for a new one.

And now, I have a slick new modem and ultrafastupserduperhighspeed internet. And Cheese.

Life is good.

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