Love you Long Time

3 thoughts on “Love you Long Time”

  1. A difficult and courageous decision, and one I’ve been dealing with too. For me, I try to think about the times when I’ve taken the risk and it’s paid off (my wife and my better-than-best friend, for two). Those times FAR outweigh any pain I’ve suffered when it *didn’t* work out. I hope you find the same kind of success, and all the love and happiness you deserve.

  2. I think it’s tough to open up like that, because personally I never know when someone is wanting “more of me” in their life. I always figure that if people are curious about me, they’ll ask – and if they want to talk about something personal to them, they’ll do so, so I never ask if I think it’s a sensitive topic. This of course leaves me with rather superficial friendships… so I have to work on that too.

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