Smells Like…. Ew.

The nature of my work schedule lately has me staying up a little later than usual. So I’ve been catching Letterman, and the beginning of Conan, for most of the week.

Last night, Dave brought out the Carnage.

Paul Anka was the musical guest. Which in and of itself isn’t horrible. Except he sang “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” It’s all a part of the publicity for his new album Rock Swings – which takes some of the most iconic rock songs of the 80’s and 90’s, and Anka-fies them.

Damn you Paul Anka, for bastardizing my youth! And double damn you for making it catchy as all hell! So if you see me lindy-hopping to “Eye of the Tiger,” you’ll know why.

And for this, he gets the Order of Canada.

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One thought on “Smells Like…. Ew.

  1. Chris

    Anka’s new album reminds me of Richard Cheese, who does lounge versions of dozens of modern songs (Closer by NIN, Guerilla Radio by RATM, Buddy Holly by Weezer). They’re great – they get played at my office all the time.

    Fire up your favourite music downloader and search for Richard Cheese, or his album names:

    Lounge Against the Machine
    I’d Like A Virigin
    Apertif for Destruction

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