8 thoughts on “Freedom!”

  1. This is the voice of your mother (well, not really, just a really *old* friend!)…pay off your debts and save money for school. Besides, trust me when I say that you do NOT want to pay for parking down there!

    Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear, but my best advice nonetheless.

  2. I looked into the Car co-op a while ago but decided I’m still too attached to my car, plus the rate structure becomes ineffective for the type of work I do. You might consider looking into a used car, something around a 98 or 99, which will transport you just fine and still not require too much in the way of mechanic attention. I believe that monthly passes for the park are available if the club doesn’t give you the “full deal” parking permit. (IE you get to park in the permit lot on weekends too, unlike members like me).

  3. the scooter would be handy, but not practical in our city.

    speaking from someone who loves freedom (and road trips), I determined it was a good idea for me to get a used car. paying for parking can suck but sometimes you have to look at it as a trade off with the time (and hassle) you save from not being dependent on finicky transit.

    that being said, i also dont know your financial situation, so i’m not sure what would be a smart choice for you. what’s this dearheart said about saving money for school?? going back or does that just mean paying it off?

  4. See, I have no idea what the parking situation would be for the club yet – I wouldn’t even consider buying a car unless it’s going to be free or cheap.

    Money for school includes paying it off, as well as saving up for either more school, or other endeavors like buying a house someday or something.

    I’ve also been reading Rich Dad Poor Dad – and one line is sticking with me right now… Don’t tell yourself “I can’t afford it” because your brain stops working for you and your money right there. Instead, ask yourself “How can I afford it?”

  5. You will have parking Monday thru Wednesday night… But parking is $6 a day Thurs/Fri/Sat in that area.

    I’m buying a full-on sport bike — That’s my answer to no car. Once you are accustomed to riding in the rain, you’ll be fine. Also, parking is never a worry. Finally, you can always rent a car for those days you *really* need one ($30 Enterprise deals are great — I know)

  6. Enterprise is great.

    I’ve also just been informed that I’ll get a full-meal-deal parking pass for both the club & the park.

    Makes it sooo much more tempting!!!

    It’s official. I’m dangerous!

  7. As long as that’s dangerous in a financial, buying things way and not in a driving like a psycho way. 😀

  8. Hahaha yes, dangerous in the buying of things.

    I’m a ridiculously safe driver (a couple accidents – neither my fault – will do that to ya)!

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