Happy Voting Day

4 thoughts on “Happy Voting Day”

  1. I’ll TRY, but things are not looking good. I have umpteen strikes against me: no car today, working all but one hour of voting time (can get time off my day job if I have a car) a 25 minute drive from my polling station, long time to vote/long lines (coupled with my work schedule), and NO ID with my current address on it. My husband has some, but he’s in Mount Vernon, Washington. And it’s in his name.

    I did not know it was today!

  2. We had national elections here last week as well (it was put off from November because of a certain weather system) and it was a bank holiday: i.e. all businesses (with the exception of bars, restaurants and other places that employ mainly ex-pats who don’t get to vote anyway) were closed to allow people ample time to vote. It worked, as there was 91% of registered voters voting.

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