Thank God It’s Friday Random 10

4 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Friday Random 10”

  1. Hello,

    I got a Belkin Tune cast II last summer, it cost about 60 bucks and it does the trick. I don’t know wether I would have gotten the same quality with a cheaper model but am really happy about it. BTW, don’t expect the greatest sound quality, it’s still FM… On a different matter, if anyone gets to see Andrew Bird live, drop everything you’re doing and run! He truly is a master…
    Love you all,


  2. I have an iTrip which I like relatively well. Like the comment about the Belkin one, it’s still FM (doesn’t sound as good as a more direct way of plugging it in, like a cassette adaptor, if you have a cassette deck) but it sounds okay.

    Toughest part was getting it configured the first time. Of course it would have helped if I’d read the instructions better, but that’s not the point.

  3. I think mine’s a belkin…but I’m not totally sure. I’ve found it gets crackly sometimes, so play with the volume on both the mp3 player and your car stereo to try and fix it.

  4. I have the belkin one, too. it works OK, but (again) it’s still FM..

    SOme pigs are more equal than others though. You’ll need to play around a bit and find a good frequency. eg in my jeep 92.9 sounds like ass, but 88.1 sounds as good as an FM modulator can get (And I don’t really care that Im ‘broadcasting’ over Radio Cayman and anyone in the cars around me gets my selection instead of gov’t radio) 🙂

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