Minority Report

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  1. Hah, I just finished saying this same thing to my coworker (that minority governments are better for the people). I’m also a big proponent for STV – someone I work with is very involved with the campaign.

    Another political gripe – this sponsorship scandal that’s gripping the nation? Way overblown. It was $100 million that went missing, or just over 3 cents per person in Canada. I don’t think the Conservatives would have made a big of a deal over it if not for the minority government power-play politics.

  2. Another vote here for STV. I’m all for minority governments. Although, I’m hoping for an NDP government, rather than a Liberal one. I just put up my Tim Stevenson window sign. 🙂

  3. I loves me some minority governments. I like the idea that elected reps have to actually have skills in research, debating and negotiation. It makes for a much more interesting country, I think.

  4. I personally think Canadians are way over-obsessed (or maybe the word is easily-entertained) with political scandals and make mountains out of molehills. Too much time wasted watchdogging, not enough time getting things done.

    So on principle I would agree that a minority gov’t is a good thing, but honestly right now I feel that our gov’t is just twisting in the wind. I’m not seeing real debate, I’m just seeing a different kind of lazy politics: rip apart your competitors on every minor flaw.

  5. Rog: I agree, right now the government is just fighting. I would say that that’s because minority governments are seen as rare and temporary. Every party (sans Liberals) wants to take down the government and get a majority themselves.

    If minorities were normal and expected, there wouldn’t be so much of a rush to go back to the polls, and something might actually get done.

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