Pretty, Pretty Princess

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  1. my roommate was a clinique representative in a former, retail filled life. This woman has more makeup than God. It’s entertaining. 🙂

    you know, I’ve always wanted to go and get a full “here’s how to make yourself look the absolute best” thing. But then I realize that I’d end up buying a bunch of stuff that I’d never use. Pity.

    I still think 90% of people are far more attractive without makeup, though.

  2. i can’t wear make up…i have no idea what i’m doing! plus i’m so lazy. alas…if only.

    you always have great make up!

  3. Very good advice! My Mom used to be a rep for Estee Lauder, so I know Donna’s not kidding about how much product these women accumulate.

    Have you read “Don’t Go To the Cosmetics Counter Without Me,” by Paula Begoun? It’s good.

  4. Being a cosmetologist and all that crap: the make-up application you get from somebody in the salon isn’t meant to be a teaching guide. I wish more people would realise this. It’s meant to be a *make-up application*. Trained make-up artists put on your application and it’s meant for a special event like – as you said – prom, or weddings and NOT every day things.

    The amount of people who think that going in for this type of application thinking that they will be told what colours to wear and sold products irritates the hell out of me. This is what places that *SELL* make-up are for. Durrrrrrr. The most the salon lady (cause let’s face it, there are VERY few male make-up artists) is going to do is recommend products for you to buy elsewhere unless they also have a line of product with them, but most salons don’t have this sort of setup for their makeup.

  5. Yes. I wish the salons who offer make-up application would take the “& lesson” part OFF of their brochures. The only “lesson” I ever got was “this is your sample lipstick for retouches during the evening” – they provide a specific service, which is great, but the “& lesson” thing is pretty misleading.

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