11 thoughts on “Movin’”

  1. Beach is overrated. I live across the street from the ocean (OK, it’s the Caribbean, but it’s still a big body of water) and the only time I ever “go to the beach” is when I have friends down and I go with them.

    Not to mention that closer to the water = more damage from storm surge or the odd tsunami that comes along.

    That said, my apartment survived miraculously last fall..

  2. ahh weighing the options. i hear ya on that. for me, having a car was important as i love being able to go off and do my own thing…and take road trips! what’s your biggest priority or desire out of the things you listed?

  3. Mark: Wasteful! I live half a block from the beach and I love it. I altered my commute to work so that I could go along Beach Ave every day, even though it takes me longer. Mmm, ocean.

  4. The car isn’t really a priority. I’ve done without one for so long, and if I really need to take a road-trip I can rent one, or join the auto co-op if I move downtown. My absolute requirements at this point are:
    -1 Bedroom (I could never live comfortably in a studio)
    -Small-Dog Friendly
    -Within 3 blocks of a grocery store
    -Within 3 blocks of a major transit route or hub
    -max rent $800

    I do know these places exist in the West End (Devon lives in one), so it’s not totally unreasonable. They’re just a bit difficult to find.

    It’s also got to be something that I find comfortable, because I’d want to be there for at least a year. I LOATHE moving.

  5. I know Breebop lives in an affordable place downtown, though I don’t know if it allows pets.

    I think I’d like to move to the West End sometime too, and may ask your advice when I do, since I have a cat.

  6. It’s relatively easy to find a place that allows cats in the West End (note: My building rocks. I’m just sayin’.) However, it’s *much* harder to find a place that allows dogs…

  7. I don’t remember if my place allows pets, but I’ve got a one-bedroom by Nelson Park for $750, and it’s actually pretty nice (ask Gillian or Donna, they’ve both been here).

    Turnover’s very quick in this building though. Got to be able to snap up a suite if it comes available.

  8. Ugh if you get a Min Pin I may have to stop being your friend. WHY? WHY? Okay so they’re adaptable to small apartments, but.. but…

    Anyways, the suite upstairs from us is for rent right now, but it doesn’t fit your budget. There’s one just around the corner from us on 13th that looks like it’ll be cheaper, but it’s for May 1 of course.

  9. Min Pin = CUTE! At least it’s not a yorkie.

    Also, I’m rapidly realizing that July 1 is less than 3 months away, and unless I start hooking or dealing drugs, I’m not going to pay off my credit cards by then (and no, I’m not going to do either of those).

    If my contract isn’t renewed and/or I end up working downtown again this summer, I’ll move – otherwise, I’ll be staying right where I am. So sadly, dog = delayed.

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