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  1. Hmmm…good points made. I think I’ve been able to ascertain what I want in a girlfriend. I’m finding those attributes all coupled in one person, very hard to find. I think eventually I’ll ‘settle’. But the problem being, I don’t know if it would sit well with me though…that is, selecting the ‘alternate’ choice. I certainly want to be the first and only choice in someone’s mind. Oh well, love is difficult. I’ll get myself a dog instead…:).

  2. I guess it comes down to knowing yourself. I was an indecisive person for a very long time. I imagine it comes with age or experience or something: but eventually it’s this prideful kind of thing to make a choice about something and stick with it. (As long as you’re flexible and willing to change your mind if those ideas are dangerous or destructive — whatever.) Sounds sappy, but at some point everyone just needs to decide what kind of person they are and to hell with all the other choices. Me, I’m a choclate-covered maraschino cherry kind-of-guy, so that’s what I pick when someone cracks open a box of Pot’o’Gold. I’ve decided. No regrets, and then on with the rest of my day.

  3. I refuse to settle.

    There’s a difference between settling and compromising. A lot of stuff I’d like isn’t a requirement, it’s just a bonus. However, for my requirements? No compromising. A dealbreaker is a dealbreaker.

    I’d rather be single than be with someone who wasn’t just right.

    On the other hand, I don’t have too many dealbreakers, so it’s not as difficult as all that. 🙂

    And what Brad says really connects for me… the older I get (and the more failed relationships I have…) the more I’m narrowing down exactly what I want in a partner. Now if I could just combine the what I liked about each of my ex’s into one person, I’d be set…

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