7 thoughts on “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  1. heh, I like blogrolling. I don’t post my “sites that I read” list on my front page, but I’ve got my special little start page that I go to when I open my browser, and blogroll works pretty darn good for it. 🙂

    Sure, sometimes pinging doesn’t go through for whatever reason, but whatever. I still check the non-pinged sites relatively frequently this way, because I like seeing if anyone has commented on an old post as well..

  2. I’m aching to find a bloglines replacement, too, so please let me know if you find a decent one.

    I would use blogrolling, but I hate trying to remember which blogs I’ve read recently (I read a lot more than I publish on my website).

  3. I just found out that I’ve missed several WEEKS of posts on one friend’s blog, including the announcement of her pregnancy. I emailed Bloglines letting them know how disappointed I am, and I’m switching back to Blogrolling as soon as I have time. The whole point of Bloglines was to ensure I didn’t miss anything new, and the opposite has proven to be true.

    Hmm. I’m going to post this on my own weblog, I think.

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