Roll along little doggies

It’s a special season in Canada. Winter’s finally drawing to a close (it’s long gone in BC, I hope the rest of my compatriots are faring well, though I hear it’s snowing in Edmonton…) and Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim to Win contest is in full swing.

Darren Barefoot and others have posted their own personal statistical experiences and analyses regarding how often they’re rolling up the rim and winning, rather than seeing the disappointing “please play again” black text on blue background.

I have my own special and totally unscientific theory about the odds of winning in the Roll-Up game. A win is the universe’s way of balancing out the suck. The only times I’ve ever won anything on my coffee cup is when I’m having an excruciatingly bad day. Huge fight with the boyfriend? Cookie. Company I’m working for goes bankrupt? Donut.

My ex didn’t believe me, until he won his own prize on the day he came over to pick up something the other week, and I was curt and short with him. He figured I was pissed off with him for something, it put him in a foul mood… instant cookie! He even tried picking a fight with me just to see if his odds would improve (currently 1 for 20-something). I didn’t relent to the fight picking, and also I think it has to be something beyond your control that makes your day terrible in order to be graced by the Timmy Ho’s instant karma.

For the record, I’m currently 0/1. And if those odds never improve, well, I figure I probably have nothing to complain about.

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3 thoughts on “Roll along little doggies

  1. brad

    I always seem win on my first cup and then never again. (My 2005 Cookie — woohoo!) I’d almost think the whole thing is weighted to be front-heavy. I’d really like to further test my theory but my patriotism for Tim’s isn’t quite strong enough to get over the snarling, bitter, donut-shaped staff working at the location near to my office: I’ve been going to Starbucks instead. No free cookies, but the nice gals there are starting to recognize me and I don’t even need to order anymore. I’m a sucker for good customer service.

  2. jhezika

    I actually agree with Brad about the whole “winning on the first sup thing”. I was out the other night and had a large tea with a roll-up cup for the first time in forever (there’s no longer a Tim Hortons in the direct vicinity of me, like there was when I was living with Rog, so I don’t tend to go anymore) and I won a donut. I was actually out on a little date thing, but that’s beside the point.

    Jeez, I’m rambly.

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