Roll along little doggies

3 thoughts on “Roll along little doggies”

  1. I always seem win on my first cup and then never again. (My 2005 Cookie — woohoo!) I’d almost think the whole thing is weighted to be front-heavy. I’d really like to further test my theory but my patriotism for Tim’s isn’t quite strong enough to get over the snarling, bitter, donut-shaped staff working at the location near to my office: I’ve been going to Starbucks instead. No free cookies, but the nice gals there are starting to recognize me and I don’t even need to order anymore. I’m a sucker for good customer service.

  2. I actually agree with Brad about the whole “winning on the first sup thing”. I was out the other night and had a large tea with a roll-up cup for the first time in forever (there’s no longer a Tim Hortons in the direct vicinity of me, like there was when I was living with Rog, so I don’t tend to go anymore) and I won a donut. I was actually out on a little date thing, but that’s beside the point.

    Jeez, I’m rambly.

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