Everybody Get Together

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  1. hmm. I rarely buy cd’s, and when I do, it’s only to support artists that I particularly like. Then, they get dumped in my parents basement with the rest of my 200+ cd collection.

    However, I still listen to them all, because I have a 15gb mp3 collection. I buy the CD, rip it to mp3, and toss it in a box. (Or, as is frequently the case, buy the cd and toss it in a box without even opening it, as I’ve usually already downloaded the album… heh.)

    I don’t think napster to go would work for me. I don’t always buy a CD every month, they currently seem to have a somewhat limited selection (signed artists only), and while the concept of subscribing to music seems interesting… I think I’m too old fashioned. I want to own my music, not rent it.

    Besides, it’s a dotcom — what happens if/when it goes belly up in a year? You end up with squat. 🙁

    And, as mentioned previously, I intensely dislike the idea of mp3’s with copy protection. I’m going to go with the old fashioned thing again.

  2. I don’t mind copy protection. I agree that the artists need to be paid for their music somehow. So I’m ok with paying for access to music. I think this is a great example of thinking outside of the box for on-demand access to music. I’ve paid for access to cable FM, people subscribe to XFM – there isn’t really any difference here. And in any case, it seems like a happy medium to a really polarized issue with the existing solutions so far (either pay for every song, or do something illegal) going nowhere fast.

  3. Very interesting. I love to visit Virgin, but Im not buying anymore. A big part of it is that there are now 15,000 worthwhile music stations on the net.

    The $15 (CDN?) a month is good, if they have enough stuff. Do they have everything, or just some stuff. If you are limited in away, then… Hmmm

    Like you, I have no CDs laying around anymore… nor books, nor anything else that can easily be found on the net. The downside is that I now have three Screens in my living room when I am home.

    That bothers me quite a bit actually.

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