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  1. btw, their site is showing that as of 9am this morning, it was in stock at the downtown location, the broadway location, and the west van location. (those are the three I have displayed, you could add ones that are closer to you…)

  2. aieee… and me with the schooling tonight. I think skipping two weeks in a row would be a little too much.

    perhaps i’ll run out to get one tomorrow after work.

    also, i have hate for the proprietariness of the ipod. i will not be asslaminated.

  3. out of curiousity… how so with the proprietariness? I haven’t had any problems with it. My roommate had some issues using iTunes, but that’s because all of her music was in protected wma format and iTunes couldn’t get at it… but that was her fault for ripping ’em into a protected format, not iTunes.

    I don’t use the itunes acc format, and I don’t buy my music from apple, and I haven’t had any trouble.

  4. you can only use the ipod with itunes. whether or not you *should* use protected wma format music is up for debate, but I know that I’ve been burned before by having a song in that format. also, you can’t use services like napster 2 go, because it’s not compatible with itunes.

    also, the whole “one ipod, one computer” issue (see comment & workaround here) makes me itch a little.

    though i suppose it’s all a matter of personal preference. if you’re ok with proprietary stuff that only works with the one thing it’s designed for, that’s fine. but i tend to find that in the battle to keep proprietary things “safe” from other influences, their quality sometimes suffers. the push to keep the proprietary things up to standard and fill in all the desired user options takes time away from other R&D to bring the users something new and innovative. i’d rather see an open device that can survive on its own merits, and leave options open for users to obtain external options that make the experience as a whole greater.

  5. Not quite. You can only use copy-protected files with iTunes. Non-copy protected files, such as my entire collection, are just fine.

    The reason Napster files, for example, won’t play on iPod’s is because their copy protection isn’t compatible with the iPod. A bit anal of Apple to not allow other companies access to their copy protection scheme, but as it turns out, this doesn’t affect me at all since my mp3 collection doesn’t have any copy protection.

    The other players aren’t any more open, it’s only that they’ve built Napster’s (and other’s) copy protection algorythms into the player. But if a new product comes out with a different copy protection incompatible with the existing players, it’s not going to work.

    The problem, in my books, is not with the players, but with the copy protection. Hence why my collection is copy-protection free and plays on all players, regardless of who makes ’em. Sure, it’s only about 30% legal, but what the hell. 🙂

  6. See, I think it’s Apple’s problem for insisting on their own copy protection. And I feel that, like beta vs. VHS, its just not a smart way to go.

  7. Well, most of the mp3 vendors have their own modified copy protection. Napster’s is also certainly proprietary. However, the difference is, Apple’s not willing to give theirs out, which you’re right, is stupid.

    That said, it makes the mp3’s proprietary… not the iPod. Regular mp3’s work just fine.

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