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  1. I don’t know jack about RSS, so this is an absolute stab in the dark: could it be because you have your feed set to a directory, rather than an actual filename?

  2. Hmmm… I did look at your source, and your RSS, and it all looks hunky. Not sure why the feed isn’t appearing on bloglines. Perhaps it needs time to propigate, although that should be long done now.

    And, they call me the web goddess. I’m shamed. 🙁

  3. Bloglines has been really wonky for me ever since I began using it, if that helps any. Sometimes my feeds never show up as updated, even though they have been. I’ve yet to determine if there’s a pattern to it.

  4. Hrm, haven’t experienced this before, but you can definitely see that bloglines doesn’t see anything after Mar 7; it sees the right stuff for your comments feed though.

    The first thing I’d want to check is server logs, if you have access to them. You should have lines with something like: – – [10/Mar/2005:23:09:50 -0500] “GET /log/index.rdf HTTP/1.1” 304 – “-” “Bloglines/2.0 (http://www.bloglines.com; 26 subscribers)”

    Which is what shows up on my server. If you’re getting hit by bloglines, then you would want to check to see what the response code is – for me in this line it’s 304, so bloglines won’t fetch as it hasn’t changed since the last fetch. (Sorry if I’m telling you stuff you already know.) If it’s fetching it (eg, there’s a response code of 200), it means that bloglines is getting the feed but not recognizing anything has changed, and I’d probably complain to bloglines support about it. If it _isn’t_ fetching it, that could mean that bloglines isn’t fetching it (contact their support) or your server is blocking their access somehow (contact your server support).

    A crappy fix would be to try generating another feed url and see if bloglines will pick up updates to that successfully.

  5. Huh, judging by this I think it’s fixed now – I just had a bunch of feed posts come through from a bunch of wordpress blogs. I guess they had to pat the servers on the back a few times or something.

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