This Blogger will Self-Destruct

11 thoughts on “This Blogger will Self-Destruct”

  1. Don’t forget to call your ex-boyfriend while you’re really drunk and tell him all about how you really miss him and want him back in your life! That’s much more permanent than just a wee tub of Rocky Road! *giggle*

  2. BAHAHA good one! And while I’m at it, I should invite him over for a rousing romp of ex-sex. With any luck, he’ll have been a very bad boy, and will bring over some sort of STD with him!

  3. I know! I know! (I’m really good at this…)

    How about, after all those gins and tonics, you go streaking around the block, just for the adrenaline rush? Now, that’s fun. I’d know. 😉

  4. heck, go all out — after the gin & tonics, while streaking, go knock over a convenience store. and by “knock over” I mean “steal their porno mags, pop and chocolate” not “pick up and put on side”. In case that wasn’t obvious. Y’know.

  5. All that sounds fun – but what did I actually end up doing? Stop after one drink because that lime was naaaaasty, and after one bowl of ice cream, because the richness made me ill, then go get a pita from the Pita Pit, and go to bed early.

    I am such a rebel.


    What are you doing later tonight? I have the night free, other than an early Costco adventure with Vern. Wanna come over and see my new place? Have some wine perhaps? …Make up (at least in part) for last night??

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