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  1. I have the same thing happen when I wear lipstick. I wore a peachy shade to work the other day and the secretary swore I only started wearing makeup THAT DAY or that I was doing something radically different with my eye makeup. The only thing really different was my lipstick, but she swore that wasn’t it. I also find that wearing a bit of blush also encourages compliments on eyes.

    I don’t think it’s that people feel they can’t comment on lipstick. People comment all the time on mine, when I wear it (rarely). For the most part, women really like lipstick on me and men don’t.

  2. 1) You cant comment on a womans lips and know its going to be taken well as a compliment.
    2) Lips draw mens attention, and then they catch the eyes… so… hook = lips, line = eyes
    3) A women will always smile at a pretty/beautiful eyes comment… which brings me back to the lips……. Sinker

  3. Bonus Time isn’t so bad, if you can actually use some of the stuff that comes in the bonus. I think you have to get $21 or so worth of Clinique products (generally this means 2 items, yeah, it’s a ripoff) and then you get a makeup bag with 6 or so things in it, usually including moisturizer, lipstick and mascara. I give the lipstick to my mom.

    I like Clinique’s sunblock-for-the-face, and that’s usually what I buy.

  4. Bah! That’s a matter of opinion — I think makeup in general usually detracts from the standard prettyness. The only time I think makeup is necessary is when something isn’t *already* pretty. 🙂

    Bonus time: Well, there’s something I never need to worry about. I can’t imagine ever spending a lot of money on makeup.

    My roommate used to run a clinique counter. She’s got more makeup than god. It’s actually an illness, I think.

    She once met David Bowie there. He was buying, natch, eye makeup remover.

  5. Donna: The makeup makes the pretty eyes stand out more – it’s all in how you wear it. And “bonus time” is when you spend an exhorbitant amount of money, and they give you some free stuff so you don’t feel like you’re being ripped off 🙂

  6. Jen: You don’t need eye makeup, you have fabulous eyes. Eye makeup will just detract from the pretty eyes!

    Beyond that: I have no answer. But what is this bonus time thing?

  7. I am SO ADDICTED to bonus time. It’s bordering on the ridiculous. And yet, I can not stop (FYI: Sears starts on March 7th).

  8. Are you into Clinique Bonus Time too? I’m so obsessed with it. I’m thinking of starting a support group. I have far more makeup bags than I need.

    I don’t wear lipstick. Back when I was a teenager and younger adult I played clarinet all the time, so it would’ve been gross to have lipstick stains on the reeds. I don’t play anymore, but I still can’t wear lipstick.

    As for why you’re getting eye makeup compliments, maybe the lipstick shade is creating a sort of contrast with your eyes that makes them stand out? I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation. Or maybe you just look hot, period.

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