Moose in the News

3 thoughts on “Moose in the News”

  1. Apparently he was sick while at the conference:

    That said — if someone could explain the “why” of going to a conference about blogging (if it’s not for business blogging — I can understand that, but I don’t do it, so I didn’t see much value) to me, I’d be interested. Personal blogging, however… I just don’t see the point in going to a conference for the shlock that I push out.

    Looked vaguely interesting, but I spend enough money on my website as it is. I don’t see any need to spend more so that I can learn how to improve upon something I’m already pretty happy with.

    Mostly, I think it’s that I just don’t take personal blogging all that seriously.

  2. Indeed, I’ve read other articles he’s written in the tyee, and they’re usually much more coherent. And his name is familiar enough that I have a feeling I’ve probably at least been introduced to him at some point.

  3. I actually know Peter, on a somewhat superficial level, and he’s usually a fairly decent writer. In fact, I think I introduced you to Peter at some point.

    I don’t have anything intelligent to say. I just thought that it’s funny that I’m pretty sure I introduced you to him at some point or another. Heh.

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