Sugar, ah Honey Honey

I’ve been trying to get past a plateau in my current physical state, so I figured I’d shake up my diet a bit after reading a Nutrisystem lean 13 review. I currently follow the Weight Watchers Flex Points plan, which means I eat whatever I want (trying to follow a balanced diet) as long as I stay within a certain range of points (all foods are assigned points according to their calorie/fat/fibre content).

There’s also another plan on Weight Watchers, that doesn’t involve counting points – the Core Plan. It focuses on a low glycemic index diet, and is a bit South Beach-y: unlimited amounts of fruits, veggies & lean protein, with one serving per day of whole grain bread or cereal, brown rice, or potatoes.

So, I went for about 6 days with basically no white flour or refined sugar. It’s not that difficult – but holy cow. For the first day I had a withdrawl headache (scary) and after that, immediately felt amazing. My usual lower somach bloat was completely gone, and I had a lot more energy from a lot less food. I also didn’t experience the crazy sugar highs and lows that I usually got – and my midafternoon slump wasn’t quite so slumpish.

Then today I had a bagel. And a gross tuna melt for lunch. And chocolate. And I feel DISGUSTING.

Not that I’ll be some crazy convert to the whole “No White Food” program a la Susanne Sommers, but I can say making better choices most of the time definitely made a difference for me.

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