Ridiculously High Standard #2

5 thoughts on “Ridiculously High Standard #2”

  1. A gift on the first date? I find that a little presumptuous period… especially on a blind date.

    Flowers, yes.. Nothing says “I don’t have a single independent thought in my head” like roses, especially on valentine’s day.

    In fact, flowers suck, period. They die in a few days.. better to buy you a Glade Wizard Rose-scented bathroom air freshener, at least those last 60 days. 😉

  2. Wow. I only received flowers once in my life. It was when I returned from a vacation; my husband thought I would never come back. I did leave him two years later and I am now vastly enjoying the company of my thirty cats.

    A man could give me a bouquet of weeds any day. On second thought, no, he couldn’t.

  3. So obviously flowers are not the best first date gift.

    What is the perfect first date gift?

    (I’m an odd girl. I don’t like dating and i REALLY don’t like gifts, even at Christmas. They make me feel guilty. I don’t even feel good letting people buy me dinner.)

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