4 thoughts on “Complaint”

  1. Tums are my friend.

    Especially yesterday. I could have used one of those Costco sized packs to go along with my Pepto.

    Two thumbs up for Tums!

  2. I’m glad that I can drink a few coffees a day without getting any stomach problems at all. Tums are icky.

  3. I consider myself to be a master of TUMS and Rolaids, and I can safely say that you can eat more than 5. But don’t mess up on the “don’t take these with prescription medication” rule. Bad bad momo would happen.

    Also: try Zantac instead, if you haven’t. It is the goodness of life on the heartburn, and has, like, 0 side effects. Much betterer than the tums.

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