Innie or Outie?

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  1. Ever taken a Myers Briggs test? Might be interesting. I’m apparently on that line right between intovert and extrovert. And I think I can really go either way depending on my mood. Interesting post 🙂

  2. Although the post of mine you linked to was not about introverts, I was secretly hoping someone would see the “Caring for Your Introvert” link and pass it on. So mission accomplished I guess. 🙂

    The neat thing about the Internet is that a lot of introverts feel comfortable with text, and though it has the effect of further enabling withdrawal from physical presence, it also enables “lurking” and then, when the time is right, meeting the person and each having something to talk about. Even if it’s to call bullshit on me to my face, at least it’s not small-talk like “hey, how are you doing?” or “what do you do for a living?”. I used to think that–to take a group of Internet users at random–bloggers meeting only to talk about what they wrote online was boring. To an extent I still feel that way, but someone recently pointed out to me that for the people who hate small-talk, at least when they meet, there is a subject of conversation, and the parties involved in that conversation don’t have to take as much time to “warm up”, because they’ve already done it through their reading.

  3. I found this, and the article very interesting.

    It certainly hits home for me. It’s too bad that i couldn’t print this article and CRAM IT UP THE ASS of a certain person that i work with. She keeps getting upset/hurt for my not being “chatty” all the time in the true introverted sense.

  4. note: even many extroverts dislike small talk. I can make it, but I prefer not to.

    although I really like the “think by talking” thing. I totally do that. Although more often, I think by writing. Basically, I just have to get it out of me. 🙂

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