Up n Down

5 thoughts on “Up n Down”

  1. Oooh I totally loved the Weight Watchers online subscription. It was just the thing I needed over the summer (Meat Fest notwithstanding). BTW, I give you no grief whatsoever about the diet thing. Every girl’s got to be happy with her body. Eating healthy is ALWAYS a good goal, and Weightwatchers really emphasizes that. Now if you were signing up for the Online Atkins club, I’d be less supportive.

  2. i too am waiting t-5 days with bad hair what is up with that one day it looks great and the next like seriously it looks like *shit* within hours hahahah. You need to friends to put out feelers for a man.. I will keep my eyes open to someone special for ya… heheheeh sat night will be fun.

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