I. Am. Crazy.

5 thoughts on “I. Am. Crazy.”

  1. Lets see… Coming to Vancouver in August 2005, now… I think I could swing coming back in Spring of 2006! I’ll run with you 🙂

    Volunteering at the Marathon this year is a GREAT idea. I did that and it was ASTOUNDING to see all the different kinds of people that ran it. Breathtakingly inspiring. Quite the motivator too.

  2. I’d love to do the marathon, too, peechie. Maybe we can coordinate some sort of weekly running thing together?

    I’m doing the Weekend to End Breast Cancer this year, for sure. I’ve just filled out a form to send to them and everything.

  3. Orrr….. Half ALIVE!!! Because, really, are we half full, or half empty on any given day?

    Im a half full kind of person… but then, I always assume were talking about nitro-glycerin.

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