I got dumped! Or did I?

7 thoughts on “I got dumped! Or did I?”

  1. “But guys are dumb like that.”

    Really now, how hard is it to say “I had a great time, but I don’t think we should see each other anymore”? Okay, I admit, it’s pretty hard I guess, since I re-wrote that example sentence 3 times. But c’mon, it’s almost 2005. Enough with the hints already.

    “I mentioned that I need to go out with people who are not mean, or virgins, or rebounding”

    The “not mean” and “[not] rebounding” parts I get, but the virgins one is just discrimination pure and simple. (The answer to the question forming in your head right now is “Yes”, so don’t bother asking.)

  2. — Java, rather than looking at it from that perspective, how about looking at as those that would use someone’s blog for anything other than simply an overview of who they are, are probably not the type of person you would want to get involved with anyhow.

    I think it speaks volumes about someone, when I finally do give someone my URL, and they use the info there for good and not evil.

    Peechie: You will find someone incredible who loves you for you and not what they can buy you… I just know it! 😉

  3. I was talking to a friend about blogging last night. I had mentioned that it is wrought with peril… faux or otherwise. The reason is that you have to write as if you are with the love of your life. Because… should (and more over when) that person finds your blog…. they are going to know a lot more about you than you would have expected…. and it will all seem like its happening “right now” to that person. I will bet that more people have had to deal with more crap than ever before because… suddenly, your life is an open book. Another reason for relationship failure in the 21st century.

  4. *laugh* I *love* it when people read something on my website and either decide that I’m talking about them, or figure that they know me intimately based on my website…

    very amusing. 🙂

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