11 thoughts on “Retch.”

  1. If you haven’t already, march into the office of whomever you need to speak to and ask to know. Tell them that you’d like to stay (I assume that’s true), but if they intend to go in another direction you need to know.

    Any non-contract job would give 2 weeks notice, and although that’s not always possible with contracts, they should at least give you some indication. Whatever happens, I send my best hopes your way!

  2. I wish I had to worry about being in a contract. I would write mine up for three weeks of vacations… and at least a four figure salary!! Imagine the endless possibilies… the meals… the bus passes… the ah… girls?

    Well, good luck with the signature… the rest of us can only dream.

  3. Hey, and I’m at the other end… I just signed my first employment contract today in close to 8 years! Wow, does that feel weird.

    Do you have a supervisor you could ask about this? That seems a little nuts!!

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